How to land a job

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We all understand the stress behind getting that first job, some say it can be nearly impossible. We are here to help you get that job as if it were a piece of cake.

Dress for the job

First off you need to dress as you would if you worked there. If it is a office job you want to dress nice, maybe even wearing a suit. Although if it is a warehouse job you want to dress more casual as in pants and a nice button up.

Update your social media

Employers rely on social media to hire more than ever before. Updating your social media will put you out there and Employers will be more likely to notice you and the fact that you are looking for a job. Also they will also use your personal profiles as a part of the screening process so view them as part of your resume if they require info to your social media profiles. Always attend meetings, interviews, job fares prepared. Many employers pay attention to these minute details even though you may not think they do.


Persistence is a major key in an employers eyes. If you turn in an application without following up, chances are, you may not get a call back. Although if you follow up and speak with a manager asking them if they got the chance to view your application they are more likely to put your application right on top of the others.