JAMSHR Offers Specialized Employment Staffing Services

Try any of our specialized services and enjoy the benefit of JAMSHR. Follow our experienced employment staff as they assist your business in every aspect of recruitment, hiring, and business staffing related issues. JAMSHR employment agency offers a full spectrum of business staffing services. From commuter-trained administrative assistant, light industrial, to highly specialized maintenance workers.

We are employment experts in:

Clerical Staffing

Professional and courteous temporary employment staffing in all areas of office, clerical, and administrative positions through out California.

Industrial Staffing

Specializing in job placement of all industrial, distribution, manufacturing, and production related positions through out Southern California and Dallas Texas.

Hospitality Staffing

Whether it is a long term employment or temporary solution, skilled experts in the field of hospitality are available to work at a moments notice.

Food Service Staffing

Highly qualified food services personnel and professionals are available to meet your company’s immediate needs or long-term goals.

Not Just Average Design Agency, We Make Beautiful Things


With so many staffing companies to choose from, why should you work with JAMSHR Staffing? The employees who work with through our company say it’s the best employment experience they have ever had. That’s because we put the needs of our clients first.

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