Why should you use a staffing agency?

Why should you use a staffing agency? - image service-corporate-1 on https://www.jamshr.com

Most businesses can use an extra set of hands to handle a big project or a new surge in business. But most are also reluctant to hire full-time staff. A staffing agency can provide temporary employees to help with a wide variety of business tasks. Here are some beneficial reasons you should use a staffing firm for your  business

They have time to hire the right Employee for you

To be successful, staffing firm recruiters must excel when it comes to dealing with passive candidates. Even if Corporate recruiters are similarly skilled, due to their workload, they just don’t tend to have the time to invest in passive candidate recruiting.

They Have The best People

Top passive candidates, specifically those with three or more years of experience, search for the best third-party recruiters to keep them aware of opportunities that may open at various companies. This is a huge advantage over corporate recruiters who only represent one company

They find talent fast

Part of being a strong recruiter is the opportunity to develop deep networks of passive candidates. This gives them an advantage and allows them to find the best people quick.

They understand Real job needs

Part of being a strong third-party recruiter, especially for those who are industry specialists, is understanding the real-world job need, as well as the hiring managers needs. While corporate recruiters could certainly do this, as I stated before they simply don’t have time on their side. As a result of this, many corporate recruiters over-rely on skills, experience and compensation to filter candidates, thus eliminating high potential and diverse candidates from consideration.

They have credibility

The best third-party recruiters need to work closely and more often with the same hiring managers. This process also helps develop a trust factor that is difficult to replicate with a corporate recruiter who needs to work with many different hiring managers.